Humans love a great view. Some prefer mountains. Some trees. But vineyard views, both near and far, are prized by almost everyone.

Dry Creek Valley Vineyard Views

3210 W Dry Creek has spectacular vineyard views. The main building site is close enough to neighboring vineyards to see the individual vines and grape clusters. From the same location, the tapestry of vineyards spreads across the central portion of Dry Creek Valley.

Dry Creek Valley vineyard views
vineyard spread across Dry Creek Valley

Seasons in the wine country are marked by the beautiful changes provided by the vines. Each winter the dormant skeletal vines undergo the pruning that trims away excess branching and prepares for new growth. Mustard fills vine rows with brilliant yellows.

As spring engages and the first shoots emerge, a soft, intense green begins to cover the vines and new branches that gradually fill full with mature leaves. This vast green carpet of summer finally gives way to harvest and the autumnal spectrum ranging from bright yellows through orange to the deepest reds. And the cycle begins again.

It’s this seasonal pageantry that makes living with vineyard views so exceptional.

3210 W Dry Creek redwoods