Private Park

Hiking trail tracks seasonal creekbed
Hiking Trail and Seasonal Creek


Sonoma County is blessed to have a wide variety of natural environments. The location makes it part of  a unique habitat for coastal redwoods that spans from central California to British Columbia, but always within the influence of the ocean. In Healdsburg, redwoods are present primarily on north facing hillsides with less exposure to intense summer heat.

3210 W Dry Creek has dozens of beautiful redwoods, primarily in the area of the primary building site, but also in occasional locations throughout the property. These graceful giants reach straight for the sky and create a sense of calm and timelessness wherever they are found.

Redwoods at 3210 W Dry Creek
Redwoods frame distant views

Douglas Fir

At higher elevations with more sun, the redwoods give way to another famous forest ecosystem. Douglas Fir is a component of the redwood forest type, but as sites become drier, redwood gives way to mixed evergreen forests which are codominated by Douglas Fir, Pacific madrone, and tanoak. This site also features black oak.

Another view of second building site
Douglas Firs at upper building site