Well and Water


Drilled Water Well

Water is one of the first requirements to develop and enjoy a rural property. A reliable 465 foot deep well was drilled in 2005. Testing in 2013 yielded a 7.5 gallon per minute rate. Additional testing done during the recent drought in 2022 showed a 6.5 gallon per minute capacity. The requirement for development in Sonoma County is 2.5 gallons per minute, so this well performance is more than adequate for household and landscapnig needs. The image above shows the electrical wires and circuit breaker for the pump which is inside the well casing (left white pipe). All it needs to be fully functional is a permanent electrical connection as shown on the infrastructure page.

Water Quality Testing

Chemical analysis of the well water shows hard water with a slightly higher than normal manganese level. This is easily managed with a water treatment system.

Lab results for water test

Treatment options for Manganese

Historical Well Yield

2022 Well Testing and Certification of Water Yield

2005 Well Testing and Certification of Water Yield

2013 Well Testing and Certification of Water Yield

Map to Well

Map to Well Site at 3210 W Dry Creek Rd.
Map to Well Site