Exceptional Views and Location

View from proposed residence at 3219 W Dry Creek in Healdsburg
View from Proposed Residence

Dry Creek Valley Views

Healdsburg’s wine country is filled with spectacular scenery, but not everyone agrees on what makes the best views. Some prefer a wide open panorama showing their favorite local peaks. Other desire a closer look at a vineyard, valley, or forest. 3210 W Dry Creek will delight most visitors with a unique combination of visual treats that includes a vineyard close enough to count vine clusters, the width of Dry Creek Valley and hills beyond, and redwoods for their beautiful shape, shade and majesty.

Healdsburg Location

Healdsburg locator aerial
Healdsburg Location Aerial

The location just three miles from Healdsburg makes this an easy bike ride to town. It’s less than a ten minute drive on one of the most scenic and prestigious back roads in northern California. To put location and distance in context, imagine that you forgot to pick up coffee or milk during your most recent shopping trip. Is it going to be simple to drive back to town, or is the trip more hassle than doing without your necessary ingredients. Or maybe you are meeting friends at Healdsburg’s hottest new restaurant. Are you going to be up for a long drive on country roads after a wonderful dinner. For most people, any drive over fifteen minutes can seem too long.

Neighborhood Destinations

3210 W Dry Creek neighborhood wineries
Neighborhood Destinations

It’s great to have a home base when you’re on vacation, but having hyper-local opportunities for recreation, eating, and other pursuits is a great benefit. This map shows 3210 W Dry Creek outlined and shaded at the bottom center. There are nearly a dozen wineries within a few miles, and the popular Dry Creek General Store is less than a mile away as the crow flies. It’s closer to three miles, but you would be hard pressed to find a more scenic or bike-able road.