Infrastructure includes all the mundane services urban residents take for granted. Country property requires provision of water, power, road access, waste handling, telecommunications, and more.

PG&E already has multiple power poles on the edge of the property. Running power to the well and both potential building sites will involve trenching which can be usefully combined with the water distribution system as well as internal trails. Solar is also an option with both the well area and upper building site as excellent candidates for photovoltaic power.

Schematic plans for utilities

Driveway- Schematic Plan

Driveway Schematic Plan-Cross-sections

Power and Water Design  Schematic


Grading Permit and related geotechnical issues

Grading Fire Approval

Drainage Permit and Supporting Docs


The paths laid out for electrical and power lines are great starts to trail buiding on the property. A complete loop from the lower building site to the upper site and the well site with a return on Ndiva Rd makes a nearly one mile hike in a beautiful park setting.